Get Involved

We strive to work hard daily in the creation of a world free of all forms of human oppression and violence
. To be able to execute our mandate, we rely on a team of dedicated and responsible volunteers. Therefore, if you want to be a volunteer with us to lend your knowledge, skills, and compassion to a noble course, you can contact us today and we will help you to get started. 

Three Ways You Can Help

Volunteer- Our volunteers are the organization’s lifeblood
Donate- All our money is required to come from outside sources since we are a direct organization. 
Advocate-You can too lend your voice and effort in your community towards shifting attitudes and behaviors concerning sexual violence. 
Our Vision, Mission & Values
We are made up of people with diverse backgrounds, philosophies, skills, but united in our commitment to eradicate sexual violence. 
Our Vision
The BRCC envisions a world free of violence and oppression in all forms. We see communities able to deliver safety and compassion to each and every human being. We believe in the possibility of all of us living in empowering relationships that are characterized by equality and respect. 
We strive to model the changes that we want to see in this world. All our different services are geared towards creating empowerment opportunities within the organization and even the broader community. A forward movement shared power, and openness spirit guides our work.
We envision our services delivered in a manner that promotes positive individual life transformations and results in broader social change. We are able to nurture this movement by design through investments that serve to provide an opportunity for growth, safety, and empowerment. 
The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center is guided by a collaboration and engagement vision that enables sexual violence to be viewed as everyone’s issue. Individuals and communities are required to take ownership of the different faces of sexual violence. Our collaborative work is designed to benefit all of us to live in a world eradicated of human trafficking and sexual violence. We rely on people from different backgrounds and cultures to realize the vision of our movement.
Our Mission
• Empowering people to make appropriate changes that improve safety, equality, and respect in not only their lives but also in their communities. 
• Create a safe haven for all sexual violence and human trafficking survivors to engage in the process of healing and to validate their experiences. 
• Advocate for the respect of personal rights and needs of victims of human trafficking and sexual violence. 
• Educate the community in terms of providing necessary information and perspective in raising awareness and promoting the prevention of human trafficking and sexual violence. 
We are able to advance our mission through education, therapy, advocacy, and crisis intervention.
Our Values 
• We strongly believe in the survivors’ capacity to heal and grow.
• We believe in people empowerment through respect and equality experiences.
• We respect the particular experiences of each survivor. 
• We support people in finding their own power necessary for improving the quality of their lives.
• We believe that when it comes to their own experiences, survivors are experts and this is important in the process of healing. 
• We are able to stay true to our core values by acting with integrity and authenticity. 
• We respect all the contributions of our different stakeholders. We strive to work together in empowering each other through positive ways under commitments that we share in the movement.