Search for a Replacement

The BRCC board of directors immediately created a search committee for filling the vacant position. By June 1st, a new Executive Director was already in place. 
Get help at BRCC
If sexual violence has affected you or someone you know, note that you can always seek and find help and support at our organization. The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center offers free and confidential services such as:
• Toll-free 24-hour hotline (1.800.656.4656). Our counselors are always readily reachable to supply you with the appropriate information, support, education, and referrals needed. 
• Medical/hospital advocacy. Any of our trained, qualified, and experienced counselors can come to your hospital emergency room for the purpose of providing you with the required support in the course of the medical process, helping you acquire the medical information needed, and providing referrals when required. We can also go with you to your particular personal physician for sexual-assault related services upon request. 
• You can request for legal advocacy. We are able to accompany you to legal proceedings/court hearings, provide the necessary support, and as an advocate, we help you to navigate the sometimes complex and complicated legal system.
• Crisis Counseling. If you have been recently affected by sexual violence, we will be able to provide to you face to face counseling. 
• Therapy. The BRCC offers long-term therapy for the purpose of supporting those who have been affected by sexual violence.
• Group therapy. We offer numerous opportunities for sexual violence survivors to take part in group therapy. By visiting our Group therapy page, you can learn more about our different available options for group therapy.