You are welcome to join us on Saturday, August 6th at the Lexington Distillery District in the Barrel House Complex’s Speakeasy for the Black and White Ball.
Guests of this special occasion are encouraged to turn to the 1920’s attire for their dressing needs. The guests will be able to not only be given a plated meal but will also be entertained by live entertainment courtesy of the awesome Walnut Street Ramblers. Furthermore, after dinner, a dance lesson will be provided by the LexSwing Dance and guests will be presented with an opportunity to scrutinize the silent auction.
Throughout April, advocates hailing from different parts of the country were able to take part in the SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month). In Kentucky, the 1-month period was solely dedicated to concentrating on the issues concerning sexual assault and of course, its prevention across the state. You can get more information concerning the organized SAAM events. 

This work was started to be about all of us and not just about me or another person. I am humbled and grateful to have spent the last 4 years working with a professional and committed staff, board, and enthusiastic volunteers. Each one of them has been able to work tirelessly to ensure that an organization is created that is survivor-centered and progressive with outcomes able to be gauged and observing a high level of accountability. I have total confidence that going forward; these shared and collective efforts will continue to drive our organization to achieve its purpose. That the BRCC will continue to be highly motivated and committed to expanding access to its services, increasing education for prevention, and challenging the existing systems perpetuating the violence culture. 

It is important to note that under her leadership, this organization was able to achieve various goals.
The BRCC was able to recover efficaciously from a financial insufficiency and also succeeded in implementing a long-term, diversified approach for funding. Because of that, this organization has been consistently ranked as a leading non-profit organization in Kentucky Gives Day campaigns and Good Giving Guide Challenge. During her years of service, this organization managed to increase the number of survivors benefiting from our services and also accomplished successful implementation of a solid prevention education programs in most schools in central Kentucky. 

Furthermore, the BRCC was successful in terms of forging and maintaining valuable partnerships with family judges, police departments, county attorneys, correctional facilities, and hospitals. Apart from also being able to revive the Black and White Ball held annually, Mae was also at the forefront in championing for the unveiling of the“Impact 10 Kentucky”, which is a coalition of colleges and universities in central Kentucky committed in the eradication of sexual violence in higher places of learning. 

Mae remained in her position until 30th May. After the end of her tenure, she managed to start her own business start-up that is socially conscious in Berea, Kentucky, her hometown.